From the Cow Pasture to the Road

BIG thank you to Clyde Freeman for sending in the remarkable story of his 1930 Plymouth. Clyde is a long time supporter of the show. Be sure to find Clyde on Linden Avenue this year for the 20th annual Rods and Roses on July 1st 10am-3pm. Thanks Clyde!

First acquired in August 1966 from a cow pasture, this 1930 Plymouth was in pretty bad shape.  It was over 30 years later before it was “road ready.”

The first real time it was used was for my son’s wedding in 2003.  Next came Rods and Roses in 2010, the first time in a car show.

Since then, many people have seen it driving around Carp for a “Sunday afternoon drive”, at Fosters Freeze for First Friday, the Installation Dinner when Mike Dawson became President for the Carp Lions Club, as a Carp Beautiful entry for both Fourth of July Parades and Christmas Parades.

While on the road many times and for many enjoyable “rides”, there was always something missing – the Trunk!   The original was beyond being saved.  Thus it took several years to finally find one – outside of Fresno, Calif.

Today, there is a Trunk with the spare tire mounted on the rear.  Fortunately, the spare tire mount and the mounting bracket for the Trunk had been saved and in good condition.   Yes, all the other times it was driven, there wasn’t a spare tire until 2015.

This 1930 Plymouth is finally complete.  Can you say “a labor of Love?”


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